Mike and Bev


Mike was born in Utah and grew up mostly in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the house where his parents still live. In 1992, he came to southern California to attend Harvey Mudd College and pursue a degree in Physics. Luckily, Mike stayed in the area after graduating to take a job with a local defense contractor in 1996. Today he remains employed there as an engineer working on military weather satellite program.

Among Mike's wide range of hobbies and interests are mountain biking, making music, digital photography, making movies, and writing computer games. As you can probably guess, there is not nearly enough time in a day to do all of this, or even a fraction of it! Of these, music is his first love - he's been playing various instruments since he was old enough to sit at the family organ and bang on the keys. He's also an animal lover - dogs in particular, and Labrador Retrievers to be very specific. Mike's dream when we get married is to have three labs - one each of yellow, black, and chocolate.

Mike also maintains a boring personal web page, even long after such things went out of style. Click and read even more, but only if you dare...

Bev was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. After a brief stint of college in Colorado, she returned to SoCal and began studying Information Systems and Decision Sciences at Cal State Fullerton. She is scheduled to graduate the day after our wedding!

In addition to a full class load, she works full time as an senior secretary at the Yorba Linda School of Continuing Education. Needless to say, Bev does not have much time right now for hobbies. However, among other things, she loves pugs (her dream after we get married and have a house is to own a pug farm - the pugs will probably run the show at our house, bossing around the more obedient labs...), museums, and exotic paper. She is always looking for great fonts to use with our computer - which has been invaluable, allowing us to produce incredible wedding invitations for ridiculously low cost!

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